Burxoe Rectangular Pool Cover, Rectangle Pool Cover Above Ground,  Swimming Pool Covers for  Above Ground Swimming Inflatable Pools 7.3ft X 4.9ft (87in X 59in) Easy Set Frame Pool Covers


【Easy to Use】: Spread the rectangular pool cover on the above ground pool and use the attached rope to fix it to prevent the rectangle pool cover from being blown away by the wind. It is very suitable for metal framed inflatable rectangular swimming pools with size of 7.3ft X 4.9ft (87in X 59in).

【Strong & Imaginative Drawstring Design】: The drawstring design allows the rectangular pool cover to be combined with the above-ground pool, so that it will not be blown away even in strong winds, which better protects the pool. In addition, it is more convenient and faster to store the swimming pool cover.

【Keep The Water at A Suitable Temp】: The material of the rectangular pool cover reflects the sunlight and isolates the heat to a suitable temperature, so that the family can still enjoy a pleasant and comfortable swim in the hot summer evening. Remember to put the swimming pool cover back after swimming. Have fun with the water in this hot summer!

【Durable & Non-deformed】: Made of high-quality PVC material, durable, waterproof, and will not be damaged when immersed in water. Regardless of the weather, it excellently inhibits harmful ultraviolet rays, so you do not need to change the swimming pool frequently. The pool cover can be folded into a compact size, which is easy to carry and store without taking up too much storage space.

【Keep The Water Clean & Protect The Swimming Pool】:The rectangle pool cover helps keep the pool free of dirt and debris when no one uses the pool. Insects, fallen leaves and other dust cannot touch the water in the pool. The rectangular pool cover keeps the water clean and protect the water from pollution, so that the family can feel more at ease when playing. Removing the interference of dirt, on the other hand, also makes the life of the swimming pool longer.



Notes: 1.Rectangular swimming pool cover can slow down the speed of sunlight heating the pool water. 2.DO NOT include the swimming pool. Have you ever troubled that how to use the swimming pool quickly of the clean water? The water on above-ground is polluted by leaves, debris or bugs one night later, and you need to spend more time to clean it? Or need to change the water frequently? It is very wasteful Here, our rectangular pool cover can solve your annoyance, save you more energy. Allow you to enjoy the happy hours with your family members on swimming with a large amount of time Designed of the swimming pool cover with robust materials, this durable and useful rectangular pool cover features an adjustable all-around rope for an easy setup. Simply place the pool cover on top of the pool, spread it out around the edges, and secure it with the drawstring to lock. Let it work its magic and you can enjoy clean water each time you take a dip in your backyard oasis Product Feature: Pool cover fits for7.3ft X 4.9ft (87in X 59in or 221x150cm) above-ground inflatable & frame pool Keeps leaves and debris from entering the pool which reduces maintenance time Easy to use, drawstring rope is fixed to from being blown off by the wind. Keep the water with suitable temperature, assure your pool’s temperature does not drop too much Keep pool water save, reduce water evaporation by 95% Made with durable, puncture-resistant materials Specification: Pool Cover Size: 7.3ft x 5ft (88in x 61in or 224 x 154cm) Pool Size diameter: 7.3ft X 4.9ft (87in X 59in or 221x150cm) Compatibility: Above-Ground Pool: metal framed rectangle pools, rectangle inflatable pool Material: PVC Package Contents: 1 x Pool Cover


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