COMISU Water Beads for Kids Fine Motor Skills Toy Set 30,000 Water Growing Balls with 2 Scoops (Random Color) Jelly Beads Tactile Sensory Toys for Kids


🌈 Value Sensory Toys with Scoops — These half transparent jelly beads after soaking water are soft and super comfortable to touch and feel. 30,000 beads 6 colors go with 2 helping hand scoops (random color) are easy to use or play with.

🌈Time to Witness Miracles — Fantastic water beads for kids. Just add water and let the gel beads get fully immerged, they will miraculously get expand and larger (9-12mm/0.4″) in 4-6 hours!

🌈Ideal Fine Motor Skill Kits — Good to go with our water through fine motor scoops. Help to improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, color recognition, counting skills and so on. Also help to release stress and become more relax.

🌈 Various Broad Applications — The water toys for kids are suitable for water pool games, water table toys for toddlers, hand & foot spa, sensory toys for autistic children/adults, home or plants decorations.

🌈IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Kids just LOVE playing with this interactive games and share happy times together. Non-toxic and environmentally made magical growing water balls.



Perfect Bright Water Beads with Hand-on Scoops Set (Random Color) ✨ Growing Water Beads Widely used: for kids play, water beads pool, sensory toys for sensory tables, beads motor skill play set. Relaxation time, icy and soft touch are comfortable, help to relax and calm. home decorations, plant decors or glass bottle stuffers and more. Size: grow up to 9-12mm/ 0.4″ in 4-6 hours (The beads would shrink to mini size if wrapped by tissue.) 6 Colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange and transparent. ✨ 2 Handy Scoops Hands-on Ways for kids to develop many small muscles of hands and fingers. Fun to raise the beads and watch water drain through the holes in each scoop. Size: 5.5*3″ 2 Colors: Green and orange We value your buying experience ✧Tools with Toy Appeal Scoops and beads with bright colors and magical process are irresistible to children. Help improve: Creations and Imaginations Hand&Eye Coordination Color Recognitions Relaxation and Comfort ✦Safe Environmental Materials: Each kind of the toys are made of non-toxic materials and are safe for you to purchase and use. Do no-harm to your skin or plants. Please Note: 1. Not for children under 3 years, do not to put in mouth. 2. Children need to play under adults’ supervision.


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