dhed garden Live Pepper Anaheim Chili Plant Vegetables Plant Fit 4″ Pot


Instructions are available for every plant. Send us a message if you need one.

No pot include.

Our plants are all organic healthy and strong root system. If you have any concern feel free to send us a message we will do everything we can to help you.

We usually ship 7-10 days after payment is received. We have to consult weather reports before shipping. Shipping may be delayed until the weather of destination is permitted. Shipping to areas that are too cold or too hot will be at buyer’s risk.Many plants will go dormant in the cold/dark months and we may ship plants while they’re dormant however, the plants are still alive,they’re just working on their root systems. It is normal and healthy for plants to go dormant.



We don’t have warranty on the plants that is shipped to destination that temperature drops under 40 degree. Some Plants may be inspected by my county or your county. If it is the case, your package maybe arrive 2-5 days later than expected. Since plants maybe heavier if they are bigger than the one on listings, if USPS asks for postage due, please pay for it. We will refund you.


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