Dreamworks TROLLS Hair Huggers


There are so many ways to play with DreamWorks Trolls Hair Huggers figures

One surprise Hair Hugger figure in each package

6 different Hair Huggers figures characters to collect

Inspired by the animated series Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

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Product Description

With dreamworks TROLLS, It’s all about the hair. And now there’s A new way to play with that hair. Hair Huggers figures stretch out over 10 inches long, then roll up tight with a snap! And they’ll hug anything in a furry embrace. Snap and wrap them around a backpack strap, a wrist, a bedpost, or whatever else you want. Dreamworks TROLLS hair Huggers figures come hidden in a gem-shaped box for a fun surprise when opened! Randomly receive 1 of 6 From the series 1 hair Huggers figures! Style and play with the colourful and wild hair of characters such as dreamworks TROLLS Poppy, dreamworks TROLLS branch and other favourites from the animated series TROLLS: The beat goes on. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

Safety Warning

Ages 4 and up. Purchasers will randomly receive 1 of 6 figures.


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