Golden Bear Talking Danger Mouse Soft Toy


Squeeze their tummies to hear their phrases

30cm each

Danger Mouse features the voice of David Jason

Penfold features the voice of Terry Scott

Plastic Glasses

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Description Review

If you grew up the 1980s, you’ll probably remember the on-screen adventures of the intrepid secret agent Danger Mouse and his, er, slightly less intrepid sidekick, Penfold. The Talking Dangermouse Soft Toys pack is an ideal way to introduce the characters to a new generation of young fans. Danger Mouse measures approximately 28 cm (11 inches) high. He’s made of soft, white, plush material and his facial features (including his trademark eye patch) and his red utility belt are machine embroidered. His nose and his “DM” logo badge are securely stitched buttons. His long dangly arms and legs are what you’d expect of an international crime fighter (well, you’d need to be in athletic shape for karate-chopping those villains, wouldn’t you?). The rather more rotund Penfold measures approximately 22 cm (9 inches) high. His clothes are machine-stitched to his cuddly body–he’s dressed in his usual blue suit, beneath which his white shirt and printed black and yellow striped tie are visible. The fact that Penfold’s outfit isn’t removable is something of a disappointment–it would have been more fun to be able to dress him up (maybe he’s just a modest sort of hamster). His round glasses and black button nose are also securely stitched on. The real appeal for owners of the pair lies in their vocal talents. Squeeze their tummies and you’ll hear the voices of David Jason as Danger Mouse and Terry Scott as Penfold from the original Cosgrove-Hall TV series. DM boldly intones “Danger Mouse–the world’s greatest secret agent!” and the panicking Penfold says “Crumbs chief, what do we do now?” Danger Mouse and Penfold are sponge-clean only, but light stains can be easily removed. Because of small parts, they are not recommended for children less than 18 months old. The toys contain batteries, which the manufacturer expects to have an average life of six months, although unfortunately these are not replaceable. Please bear in mind that battery life will be considerably less if they are in constant use. –Alison Drury


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