Hang Tuff 85″ Tall Double or Single Shepherds Hook Heavy Duty Non Leaning


HEAVY DUTY! Shown overloaded holding 87 lbs. of cement blocks to prove its strength!

VERSATILE. Easily holds heavy flower baskets, bird feeders, or other items. Use 1 or both fully adjustable hang hooks in any position or height. Add up to 2 more hang hooks. Type ASIN# B06Y2JT517 in the Amazon search box to find them.

STANDS STRAIGHT. 85-inch-tall above ground height to top of finial. Best shepherds hook on the market. Patented system adjusts straight after installation. Won’t lean over!

MADE IN USA. Family owned and operated business since 1977.



Our Hang Tuff Shepherds Hook has solved a major problem with shepherd hook use. Yes, most look real nice but they do not work very well. Until now! We have designed a heavy-duty shepherds hook with some unique and practical concepts. First, we have what we call the “Anchor Spike” that is driven into the ground with a small hammer (16-24 oz. recommended). The shepherds hook vertical pole mounts into it and then the spike is concealed under a decorative cover. The Anchor Spike has some adjusting screws that allow for straightening of the pole. Another innovative idea we have incorporated is the fully adjustable hang hooks that can be slid up and down the vertical pole, spun in different directions and tighten in place with a small set screw. You can use one or both or you can add a couple more. We take great pride in our product and know you will be pleased with it. Instead of trying to cut corners and use low quality weak components we use heavy 7/8″ diameter X .147-inch-thick wall steel tubing for the vertical pole, and ½ inch solid steel hang hooks that extend out about 16”. The anchor spike is very rugged and tough and comes with a protective installation tool that we call the “installation tool” that keeps the steel anchor spike safe while being hammered into the ground. It’s all topped off with a decorative cast finial. We bring in the raw materials, do the machining and welding, package, and ship all under one roof here in Washington state. It costs a bit more to do things right but it’s well worth it in the end.


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