Littlest Pet Shop E2130 Lps Cosmic Collection Pack Playset Themed Figurines-Assortment


Special collection of 11 pets with cosmic-themed deco

4 Classic-scale pets feature special glow-in-the-dark treatment

Includes glittery gold habitat, key, and 1 hidden Teensie-scale pet

Includes 4 Classic- and 7 Teensie-scale pets; 1 habitat; 1 clip; and 1 key

Ages 4 and up

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Here’s a collection of pets that’s out of this world! Eleven stunning pets, all with cosmic-themed deco representing all four cosmic-themed colorways. The Classic-scale pets feature a special treatment that glows in the dark, like a mini starscape! Collection includes a wearable star-shaped habitat that hides a Teensie-scale pet with a very special all-glitter treatment! A truly stellar way to start — or add to — any LPS collection! Littlest Pet Shop and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


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