Magic: The Gathering Commander (2015 version) Japanese


[1] cover set of five cored

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‘Going to choose the “commander” as used in this magic special format of game of several players (Commander). Many of the new card offers new possibilities for play. And, “Experience Of Counter aumentarae the commander of the Force during the game. This cover of two colours creates a synergy of incredible, that traerae the chance of destroying the opponent. In this set is released (in colour against) 100 pieces of 2 colours cover the card has five series, a total of 55 also of the new cards of the sheets Magic estarae available in the format of eternal (Vintage and Legacy). However, these cards are, rules and construccioen in blocks, and can not be used in the modern. The five by each of the deck has been sealed with a 15 pieces of the new card of the 55 sheets.


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