Schmidt Spiele 42537 Sorgenfresser Poker 19 cm Edition Angels, Colourful


True as gold, we are always there when worries and needs pinch really properly

We have been trained at the highly respected Academy for Worry Eating Arts

Cosy, soft plush

Plush toy 19 cm



Worry Eater Poker 19cm Edition Angels Fortunately, there are now Worry Eaters! Children have worries, fears and needs and not always they speak with their parents. Psychologists and teachers recommend Worry Eaters as “Kummerkkästen Children can write down or draw their worries or fears and put a worry eater into the zip mouth. Not that all the problems are solved the same, but one first step is done and – every bet – then it will be a little better! And when the Worry Eaters report the parents, they can talk to their children about it. In addition, Worry Eaters are great for cuddling in good as in bad times – not just for children.


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