Teak Grade “A” Windsor Coffee Table




The beautiful coffee table is constructed from 100% Grade A Plantation Teak . We are proud to be offering this fine grade solid teak coffee table. The exquisite fine lined coffee table has gently bevelled edges . The coffee table is expertly crafted and fully built at our workshop before sending out for dispatch. The teak used in this coffee table is in its natural state with no treatment to hide any ‘poor’ timbers as other sellers try to do. Dimensions (cm): H50 W120 D60 Teak is a premium hardwood, the natural oil content fights off decay enabling it to out perform other hardwoods. These renowned qualities make teak the wood of choice for yacht decking as it is able to withstand the rigours of sea faring and therefore makes exceptional garden furniture. Left untreated the timber will mellow to an attractive silver/grey colour or alternatively we supply ‘teak care’ a treatment specifically formulated to protect your furniture and maintain it’s rich brown colour. We endeav


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