YuGiOh Shonen Jump Anniversary Pack Booster Pack [Toy] [Toy]





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YuGiOh Tournament & Promo Packs – Shonen Jump! Behold! The past and future of Yu-Gi-Oh! collide! The enclosed all foil anniversary pack features exclusive cards drawn and signed by the creator of Yu Gi Oh! It’s a never before seen collection of his favorit cards, freshly redrawn by Kazuki Takahashi himself! This special set also features a brand new world premiere Tuner card that’s fully compatible with all Yu Gi Oh! 5D’ cards, including the all powerful Synchro Monsters! Each Anniversary Pack will include the following eight cards: 1. YAP1-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Ultra Rare) 2. YAP1-EN002 Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Ultra Rare) 3. YAP1-EN003 Summoned Skull (Ultra Rare) 4. YAP1-EN004 Celtic Guardian (Ultra Rare) 5. YAP1-EN005 Gyakutenno Megami (Ultra Rare) 6. YAP1-EN006 Buster Blader (Ultra Rare) 7. YAP1-EN007 Jinzo (Ultra Rare) 8. YAP1-EN008 Shiba-Warrior Taro (Ultra Rare)


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