5 Pairs BIDI SFP Network Transceiver Module, 1.25 Gigabit Single Mode LC 1000BASE-LX Single Fiber Interface SFP 20km


【Good Compatibility】The gigabit networks transceiver are supported up to 1.25 gigabit data rate and compatible with mainstream switch vendors for Ubiquity, Netgear, Mikrotik, DLink, TPLink etc. (The SFP are not recommended for HP and Aruba products) 【Single Fiber Transmission】The BIDI SFP module supports single fiber for data transmission (Blue: TX1310nm/RX1550nm; Yellow: TX1550nm/RX1310nm), which saves 50% fiber cost and rack space for Installation. 【High Reliability】More than 1,000,000+ pcs are deployed already. 100% aging testing for all SFP module makes sure all delivered SFP modules are stable and reliable 【Easy Installation】The SFP transceiver support hot swappable with LC single fiber interface, which just needs plug and play for single fiber deployment. It makes installation very convenient and 20% human resource saved at least 【Max 20KM Deployment】 The single-mode LC fiber module supports up to 20 km max cable length , which is suitable for most of long distance deployment.



【Product Compatibility】 The SFP module was embed with compatible source code, which can be compatible with most of main stream vendor, like Ubiquity, Netgear, Mikrotik, DLink, TPLink etc., and other main stream vendors 【Easy Deployment】 The BIDI SFP module support hot swappable and single fiber data transmission (Blue Type: TX1310nm/RX1550nm; Yellow Type: TX1550nm/RX1310nm) , which makes instanllation more convenient and much cost-saving for fiber than duplex interface SFP 【Widely Application 】 The SFP Module can be widely deployed with Switch, Fiber Media converter, Router, Firewall, Server etc., 【Full Aging Testing 】 The SFP Module was 100% full aging testing before shipment, which can decrease most of hardware failure rate before shipment and make sure the product reliability 【Mess Deployment and successful reference site】 More than 1,000,000+ pcs SFP module are deployed already in the world already, thousands of reference site in different countries 【Support 20KM Long Distance Deployment 】 the single mode LC fiber module supports upto 20 km max cable length, which can be suitable for most of long distance deployment. 【Deployment Notice】 1. Please don’t use the single mode fiber module for short distance deployment ( less than 500m ), because the long distance SFP use the high frequency ( 1310nm ) wavelength for signal transmission, which will shorten the fiber module using life for short distance deployment. If less than 500m, please choose other short distance multi-mode SFP module (850 nm ) 2. Need to use different color type BIDI SFP Module as one pair for one single fiber connection 【Product model】 Blue: SFP-GE-LX20-T13R15-BIDI Yellow: SFP-GE-LX20-T15R13-BIDI 【Detailed Specification】 Cable Type: Single-Mode Fiber Connector: Single LC Interface Data Range: 1.25Gbps Blue SFP: TX 1310nm and RX1550nm Yellow SFP: TX1550nm and RX1310nm Max Cable Length: 20km Temperature: 0-70℃ 【Package List】 5 pcs SFP-GE-LX20-T15R13-BIDI 5 pcs SFP-GE-LX20-T13R15-BIDI 【Limited Lifetime warranty】 For any reason you are unsatisfied with the SFP transceiver during the warranty period, we will provide you a best solution, and we will refund your money in full if you still have concerns.


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