Garden Growpot Growbag Watering Pot – Set of 6


About this item Set of 6 original Growbag Growpots – Made in the UK



Growbag pots have proved themselves to get the results. Gardeners everywhere are now using them with their growbags to grow very strong healthy plants and bumper crops of tomatoes, and not just tomatoes, for many other varieties of plants – aubergines and chillies for example – reap rich rewards when grown in a growbag pot. An ingenious yet simple design, the growbag pot has a serrated base that cuts neatly into the bag of compost, with three pots fitting the standard bag comfortably. The pots have an outer trough that holds four pints of water or feed which then gradually seeps into the compost taking a constant supply directly to the plant root where it is needed most. The plant is planted in the inner pot, which is then filled up with extra compost to encourage more vigorous and healthy root growth and subsequent higher yields. The result is no wastage of water or feed, no messy spilling compost, no sagging growbag û just easy, precise watering and liquid feeding of the plants. Made from strong plastic and they prevent slugs from reaching the plants. They can be used season after season, simply wash them and store them until they are needed again. They come with easy to follow instructions.. Made in the UK. Over 1kg more material than the highest selling competition. the original tomato growpot, often copied never bettered.


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